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iHEA 2013: Private Sector in Health Symposium

The Private Sector in Health Symposium is a biennial event. Since 2009 it has been held in advance of the International Health Economics Association world congress, and brings together researchers, implementers, donors and policy makers for dialogue and discussion.

iHEA 2013: Private Sector in Health Symposium

This one-day symposium, supported by three HANSHEP members, is a dialogue between researchers, implementers, donors, and policy makers. The goal is to move forward discussions on the performance of health markets in low and middle income countries and interventions aimed at improving this performance.

There is a growing realisation that citizens of many low and middle income countries rely heavily on private providers of drugs and medical advice. Nearly 60% of total health expenditure on health in low- and middle-income countries is private, rising above 80% in countries such as India, Pakistan, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

There is an urgent need to build systematic knowledge about health-seeking behaviour, the performance of non-state providers and the outcomes of different interventions to improve the performance of health markets in meeting the needs of the poor.

The title of the 2013 Symposium, held on 6 July from 08.30-16.00 in Sydney, Australia, is 'Analysing Markets for Health-Related Goods and Services in Low- and Middle-Income countries'. Session themes include:

  • Paying for private care: the private sector and health financing.
  • Good, bad, or indistinguishable:quality of care in the private sector.
  • Building institutions for influencing private sector performance.
  • Health markets and the poor: moving towards universal access?
  • The evolution of the global health marketplace: implications for health systems.
  • Using metrics to understand the role of the private sector as part of the health system.
  • Juxtaposing private healthcare in rich and poor countries.

For more information visit the Symposium website or download the brochure from the 'Related Documents' column (right).

A series of special webinars is also convened leading up to the Symposium. For details click on the links below:

Webinar One - Harnessing informal providers: Lessons from India

Webinar Two - Shaping the future of health markets: Reflections from Bellagio