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Improved health outcomes for the poor and vulnerable around the world.


Generate robust evidence about the role of non-state actors in pro-poor health provision to inform policies for enhancing mixed health systems.


Highlight and disseminate the evidence to support the formal recognition of the role of non-state actors

News and Events

HANSHEP April 2017 Knowledge Exchange: Strategic Purchasing

16th May

There is a growing awareness that health care financing is essential for Universal Health Coverage (UHC). As it has risen to the centre of global policy debate, there has been increasing acknowledgment that this means more than just revenue generation. Purchasing is the essential link between the resources pooled and the delivery of quality services for universal coverage. The 2000 World Health Report describes strategic or active purchasing as “a continuous search for the best ways to maximize health system performance by deciding which interventions should be purchased, how, and from whom.” Strategic Purchasing (SP), if done correctly, could help countries achieve UHC by improving health system performance, quality, efficiency, equity and responsiveness. Despite the evidence supporting the importance of SP, there is confusion and a lack of evidence on how to obtain the correct service-mix, volume and provider-mix. Given this uncertainty, HANSHEP Members chose to focus on this key area for their April quarterly meeting. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some of the innovations and case studies showcased during the HANSHEP Knowledge Exchange.

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AHME Snapshots

4th May

The Africa Health Markets for Equity (AHME) partnership is a $60 million investment by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK Department for International Development (UKaid). AHME is a partnership focused on equity, committee to helping private providers deliver quality health services to poor people. AHME takes the novel approach of intervening on both the supply and demand side of the healthcare system, and integrating these into a single, well-coordinated programme.

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Center for Health Market Innovations: Adapting What Works

17th March

CHMI have just lunched a new resource: “Adapting What Works in Primary Care: A Getting Started Resource for Program Managers”. Designed to help program managers and innovation advocates in their effort to adapt best practices that improve health care quality and access, the resource summarizes the learnings and ‘active ingredients’ identified by primary care programs that have participated in collaborative learning activities organized by CHMI.

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