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Our Mission, Vision & Approach

Our Vision

Improved health outcomes for the poor and vulnerable around the world.

Our Mission

Generate robust evidence about the role of non-state actors in pro-poor health provision
- To inform policies for enhancing mixed health systems.

Highlight and disseminate the evidence
To support the formal recognition of the role of non-state actors

Our Approach

Working together, learning from each other and sharing lessons with others.

Our projects strive to ensure that


HANSHEP members are NOT interested in private health delivery channels for their own sake but because they believe they can, under certain circumstances, be the most appropriate channels for maximising goals of coverage and equity. HANSHEP members do not have a preference for or against non-state provision, nor a preference for or against public sector provision. Increasing private sector share in the health system, in either financing or provision, is not an objective for HANSHEP members.




Our Mission, Vision & Approach