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Markets for Health (M4H) Training

This project aims to provide quality-assured training courses on private health policy and operations to improve knowledge and skills of public officials and policy makers in managing public-private partnership.

Markets for Health (M4H) Training

Developing country governments are increasingly looking to the private sector as a partner in contributing to improving the health of poor people. However, as an emerging field of practice, many public official lack the skills and experience to effectively negotiate and manage public-private partnerships, which can impede progress and lead to implementation problems that may be severe enough to negate any potential benefits. Public officials are cognisant of this challenge, and are requesting with increasing frequency capacity building support to complement the financial and technical assistance on offer.

This project aims to meet this need by providing quality-assured training courses and re-usable open source learning content on private health policy and operations. The content will be useful for anyone providing technical assistance or capacity building support, as well as for public officials and policymakers managing public-private partnerships. With enhanced knowledge and skills, these actors will be able to make more informed and strategic choices regarding mixed health system interventions and improve their management of the implementation of PPPs for greater impact.

The Markets for Health (M4H) programme will be initially piloted and refined while training 150 public officials from low and lower-middle income countries. The project will be implemented by the World Bank Institute (WBI) with funding from DFID.

Timeline: August 2013 - March 2016


  • 150 public officials provided with face-to-face training
  • A portfolio of high-quality open access learning modules that will be disseminated through a variety of online channels

Implementing Partner:

The World Bank Institute